Bellezza Magazine
Brief: Bellezza is a beauty magazine with the core audience of young adult women. This quarterly magazine covers everything beauty of the season; make up, skincare products, shopping guides, features of creators, and beauty tips.
 Challenge: Create the launch issue of an original magazine of your own creation with a strong visual identity and also create three advertisement mock-ups that will be in the magazine. 
Goal: The goal was to create an original beauty magazine that looks completely different from what there is in the competitive market. Bellezza is meant to be a really amusing experience for the viewer flipping through the pages while having sophisticated and luxurious characteristics. This magazine is supposed to be a fast read on the go that helps  beauty lovers stay up to date with new products and tips. 
Solution: The magazine is filled with illustrations and patterns to keep it interesting for beauty lovers flipping through the magazine. Each section of the magazine has its own unique layout to help the information be easily consumed for the reader. Also, most of the layouts contain a lot of white space to maintain the luxury aesthetics. 

Visual identity

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